EB Welcome Pack (PRE-ORDER special - Ships In 8-12 weeks)

Limited Edition Offer For New Members Only

  • Become a founding member of Entrepreneur Babes

    Access to the bonus course upgrade!

     1 month of the new Entrepreneur Babes platform when launched

Note: Due to limitations with our checkout you will have to pay $1 for this entire $251 gift. This is the only way we can collect and validate shipping information with our system. No UpSells or funny business, just a buck! :) 

- Cortney


Why do I have to pay $1 if this is free?

Good question!

We're not too happy with this, but due to limitations with our checkout system, the only way our system can collect & validate your shipping information is when an official order is processed with a payment. The lowest we could make this in our system is a buck. This allows us to guarantee your shipping information is correct and your $251 worth of goodies gets directly into your hands for you to enjoy! 

What do I get in this order?

In this gift you're going to get up to $251 worth of Entrepreneur Babes bonus programs & notebook planner! All for free. 

When will it ship?

After these orders are placed and this special offer is wrapped (giving all of our babes enough time to claim this)  up we will be packing and shipping orders right from our Philadelphia office in the USA! Depending on where in the world you live you should expect your goods in 2-5 weeks :)

What is Entrepreneur Babes?

Entrepreneur Babes is the next evolution of what we've created here at eCom Babes. It's going to be a place where I can further make progress on my goal of helping women start and grow online businesses that change their lives. When you want to become a true online entrepreneur, there's never been a one stop shop that you can turn to that can teach you real skills that produce real life results instead of useless certificates  & provide you a supportive community to match. 

Now, there will be. 

We're going to create a world where when women who want to succeed in becoming an entrepreneur, regardless of background, goals, resources or experience - will be able to do just that. 

It's unlike anything that's ever existed before with its unique products, platform and community - one that will change the world of entrepreneurship to no longer be a community dominated by men where women have to fight through.

Just look at the logo, babes mean business & entrepreneurship is sexy.

- Cortney 

Is eCom Babes going to be discontinued?


After we officially launch, eCom Babes will be inserted under the Entrepreneur Babes umbrella alongside the rest of the different programs within Entrepreneur Babes.

Nothing will change for the negative, if anything it will come with additional perks :) 

Need something else?

Have other questions about this offer or Entrepreneur Babes? Email support@ecombabes.com or use the help icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page.