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Cortney is an eCommerce entrepreneur & founder of 

Her flagship eCom Babes training has produced more female entrepreneurs in eCommerce than any other training on the market by far, and given over 1,100 women the education tools and flexibility needed to quit their jobs in exchange for entrepreneurship. 

Cortney Fletchers' Story

Hi love, I'm Cortney Fletcher and I’d like to share a bit of my story with you. 

I grew up in New England in a really untraditional household. I was taught to keep my head down, live frugally, and pursue the traditional white-collar path of college into a corporate job. 

I was so convinced that this was the way to live my life, but I wasn't that great in school so Instead I focused on sports. I attended Phillips Exeter were I was assigned the same dorm room that belonged the founder of Facebook. 

Afterwards in college I was accepted into a medical program, which I chose only because it paid well. Things were going good. I was looked at as a success already & I was on my way to achieving the "dream" that I was sold.

But all that would soon change...

This is Phillips Exeter. Pretty Hogwarts looking, right?.

Once you expand your mind, it can never go back.

I had a few friends in college who's parents were super wealthy, in ways I haven't experienced before. Not just money, but true freedom. The ability to be where they wanted to be when they wanted to be there and the finances to do every single thing that they wanted to do without question.  

The more I started to hang around them, the more I realized that where I was heading was't where I wanted to go. There was one friend in particular who's parents were so wealthy it blew my mind. Multiple homes and absolute freedom. It was really when my friends Dad came to town on his private jet that I started to see things differently. It was bizarre to see them never look at the price tag or say "No, I cant do that". I didn't know this type of lifestyle was a real thing. 

I asked each of my friends parents who lived these different lifestyles what they did to make money. Every single one told me they were an entrepreneur and owned their own business.

At the time, I didn't even really understand what it meant to be an entrepreneur, so I had to Google it. That's really where my journey began. I'd never ever considered that there were other options to having a job. Most people just follow the normal path not because they are ignorant, stupid or scared.. I realized that most of society doesn't know what is out there, actually within reach. 

After a bit of research, it became really obvious to me that this entrepreneurship way of life was what I needed to pursue. 

I realized the idea of going to school for 5 more years, getting in serious debt and working 40-50 hours per week for the next 40 years of my life doing something I wasn't even passionate about, let alone something that just wouldn't get me what I wanted out of life. 

I had this thought, that "one day life will kind of have run its course and there is no turning back time for a do over or another shot." I realized that I have one life to live and If I don't build my dream I will become a cog in the wheel of someone else's.

So I dropped out...

If at first you don't succeed...

When I dropped out I was scared but excited. I bounced around from job to job and idea to idea. I tried it all... car sales, solar sales, traditional affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing. 

But eventually I was introduced to this concept of eCommerce. The idea of owning 100% of my own business selling items online to customers all over the world. I heard about all of the great things. Its massive growth potential, your ability to reach the entire world and if dome right even earn millions of dollars. 

I watched a few youtube videos, I chose a product that I thought was cool and assumed everyone else would buy it.I bought 200 of these necklaces spending almost my entire savings on inventory because thats what other people were doing... I was like “well I guess this is just how having an online boutique works”

I took what I had left and paid a developer to build my site and used the last few dollars left to advertise my product online and in a magazine.I packed and fulfilled every single one of my orders (all 17 of them) and by the end of it all, I had lost all the money I saved over the years and was left with these boxes of necklaces that I couldn't get rid of.

I lost all hope.

 I learned a hard lesson, doing e-commerce the “traditional” way of buying products you don't know people want to buy, paying for marketing you don’t know will work all with no experience - is a recipe for disaster.

First taste of success

Soon after tasting the failure that 90% of eCommerce entreprenerus have expereicned in approaching things in the old way, something amazing happened. I

I had a few of my girlfriends over one night I gave some of them my leftover necklaces I saw that there was no way starting an eCommerce business would work in the traditional way without serious investments - so I figured I might as well donate to my friends.

Two days later I get a cash register sound on my phone... I couldn’t believe it.

15 minutes later another, and another.. "is someone playing a prank on me?" I thought. 

It wasn't a prank. It was my first taste of the rest of my life. It turns out my friend who we'll call Alice had a fashion blog and posted about the necklace I gave her with a link to my site and I made $312 dollars in one day.

It felt so good to finally see sales come through.

This changed everything for me and best of all I didn’t pay a single penny to make that profit. 

I thought long and hard about what happened and I started to look at this whole thing differently. I basically got her to sell my jewelry for me, for free.

I thought "how can I make that same thing happen again, but in a bigger more systematic way" I stayed up for nights on end developing a detailed system.

Once I launched it my store turned into essentially an overnight success. My $300 days soon became $2,000, and so on. This new method of selling products was so easy and effective. I call it “Connective eCommerce”. 

The Connective eCommerce Method

The old way of selling online is just horrible. You spend tons of money buying inventory and then have to store it all in your house, you turn your garage into a fulfillment center, risk tons of money on paid advertisements with absolutely no guarantee of a return.

You can only really promote 1 or 2 products, it’s just a massive headache and a complete risk.

The method I invented completely
flips this upside down. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars buying any inventory, you eliminate the risks of paid advertising, you never have to pack and fulfill orders.

There's little to no start up cost and you can list thousands of products with ease. It’s obvious that this way is far better right?  

I realized that the key to success for virtually every online boutique on the planet is to identify the niche you are targeting, Figure out how to test your products in the market, achieve pure profitability without all of the complexity, then reinvest into scaling to the moon with paid advertisements, 

Helping others avoid disaster & see success

When you hear about someone who is able to start profitable online boutiques one after another with no inventory, no paid advertising and no fulfillment of course that's going to raise some eyebrows and gather some attention. 

I guess that's one side effect of mastering a skill that everyone needs is that everyone wants to learn it or benefit from it in some way. 

It started with my friends. Now, to be honest, at the time I really thought either I was special or had something special going and didn’t really think anybody else could do what I was doing.

Because of that when people asked for me to coach them I said "No" I turned down some close friends, even people who were willing to pay me monthly but one particular friend of mine just wouldn't give up. She would text me 2-3 times per day telling me she wanted to learn my methods and that she would even pay me.Eventually I gave in and decided to try teaching this “Connective eCommerce” strategy to her.

I didn't even think it would work for her but she begged me to do it and honestly it was going to be easier just teaching her than dodging her all day. We jumped on Skype calls twice per week and I taught her everything I knew. Like actually everything. All of the small nuances, techniques and secrets I learned. I kind of just poured it all out.

Within three weeks I couldn't believe it, she had her first 50 order day. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Working with her she went from knowing NOTHING about eCommerce to hitting 50 order days in just 3 weeks. 
Then I started working with more people, at first it was a few one on one sessions just like with her, but soon it turned into small groups of 10, 20, 30. 

Eventually I had women banging down my door to learn what I knew. They knew If I worked with them they had a much higher chance of success than going at it on their own and on that same coin I knew that If I worked with them I could save them from making huge financial mistakes and ruining their chances + experience in entrepreneurship. 

Eventually I couldn't physically take on any new students. There was only 1 me, and 100's of women per week emailing me or messaging my social media accounts pleading for help. Some wanting to start a business from scratch the right way, some already in business and nearly underwater looking for a way out. 

I wanted to help them, but I knew that if I wanted to expand past groups of 10, I would need to create some form of training that would be valuable to students without my direct involvement.

Because of this I began working on creating a course that anyone could take online and learn how to build their own business in a relatively short period of time. One that covered all of the steps in extreme detail, where no stone was left unturned. 

The eCom Babes Bootstrapped Training

The first few training products and courses I created succeeded in bringing in profits for my students, but I wasn’t quite hitting the mark either... at least the mark that I envisioned. 

I wanted more drastic results for my students and I wanted them faster. 

You see, there are thousands of people out there offering online training, and one thing that many of them have in common is that they just give people a piece of the puzzle. Some of the richest "teachers" or "gurus" out there will break up keys to success into 10 different "fast action" pieces to be purchased separately really just stringing customers along, using psychology to get them hooked without actually leaving them better off.

That's now how I wanted to run my business. That's now how I was going to make an impact. 

I wanted to give people everything they needed to legitimately succeed and achieve profitability in one package, where they know the price upfront, and if they follow through and put the work in, they will succeed in starting an online boutique from scratch and getting real paying customers pretty quickly. 

The methods taught in the eCom Babes program have been proven time and time again with over 1,000 students.

I wanted to go above and beyond investing thousands of hours pouring my absolute heart and soul into a program. 

And in the pursuit of this, eCom Babes Bootstrapped was born.

I knew right away with our first 50 students that I had created something special, but even I couldn’t have guessed just how popular and successful this course would be, not in terms of enrollment but in terms of transformation & results experienced from our customers. 

Within 1 year, this single course has provided over 1,000 students with the skills and education necessary to quit their jobs and work for themselves full time building their own online boutique.

This course has grown into so much more than just a "course."

Although the course is on its 4th iteration, there are many more to come. This is to stay ahead of the curve and keep delivering results in the fast changing landscape of eCommerce. eCom Babes has quite literally transformed from a course into a real flourishing company with real employees and coaches that help women like you every single day start and grow online boutiques. 

If you’d like to get a better feel for what eCom Babes is all about, check out this free training:
How I Built A Hyper Profitable eCommerce Business Without Spending Any Money On Inventory Or Advertising

In this training I introduce you to the different concepts and ideas that helped me achieve success and the 3 components of the Connective eCommerce method, so that you may too get on your way to achieving freedom through eCommerce. 

What does the future hold for eCom Babes?

Nothing makes me happier than empowering women to spark change within themselves and change their lives for the better. Women aren't just “who they are”.  We're all built one piece at a time, and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be and obtain anything you want in the process.

My babes have become my best friends and I like to celebrate their success at each stage of the journey. Specifically we love to celebrate our babes' their first sale, it's the most life changing. It solidifies every decision and proves that they have what it takes. 

Getting your first sale really has a special feeling that come's with it.  

1 single customer leads t0 100,000. 

eCom Babes has really become a movement. A culture of women who are going after their dreams, living life with a purpose, creating friendships that better build each other up and businesses that provide the lifestyle + freedom we've always wanted. 

I’d love for you to join us. 

eCom Babes

1,214 Active Students

4.9 Star Average Rating

eCom Babes

1,214 Active Students

4.9 Star Average Rating

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